“I am currently restoring a XW Falcon 500 ute to concours original, undertaking a full nut and bolt restoration. So when it came to rebuilding the original 221 six cylinder engine I wanted it done to a high standard, like the rest of the project. I never wanted any trouble and to have 100% peace of mind when i am out cruising. I researched around with many engine builders, and can say i could tell the first time I spoke to Damian at M&W, that he was the right ma for my engine work. he is a true gentleman and excellent tradesman, having a excellent knowledge of his profession. And not just talking it up like most places do, they know their craft. most places don’t know and aren’t interested in breathing life into a old crossflow six,with the air/fuel rail cast into the head! I cant recommend M&W enough. Trustworthy, Honest and Knowledgeable. Most engine builders aren’t one of those. they will always be the first place i go with any engine