Damian, thank you for your work on the rebuild of my Porsche 944, 2.5ltr. This engine came out of my gravel rally car and was in a sorry state. These engines when standard, according to Mr Porsche, produce 167bhp at the flywheel. After a full rebuild: rings, all bearings, full balance and some judicial head work with more compression, it dyno’d at 205 bhp at the rear wheels. This puts it in the league with the best of the racing “challenge” cars. I was very pleased to see the engine itself hardly moving in the car whilst revving to 6000rpm on the dyno, a tribute to the internal balancing you guys carried out. The proof is in the pudding; it has great torque and works well within the 3000 to 5500 rev range which is just whats required for a gravel car. This is one of the many engines built by you for my various cars over the years all of which have been brilliant. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!