“Having dealt with M & W Engine Services who have rebuilt and assisted me with parts for various engines over the last twelve years or so, I would like to attest particularly to the outstanding level of engineering skill and care taken on two different projects:
a) The rebuilding of my 1929 Chrysler 77 roadster motor, including the conversion from white metal bearings to modern shells, sleeving and improving lubrication, porting and reshaping combustion chambers, etc.
b) Full reconditioning and again conversion from white metal bearings, making new con rods and redesigning the entire lubrication system for my 8 cylinder 1936 Hudson, which has just been completed.
The Chrysler has been on the road for some nine years and has travelled approximately 30,000 kilometres, including competing in four national rallies (Adelaide Classics) and various VSSC events.
Repairs so far have included two tappet adjustments (minimal) and spark plug changes. The motor still does not use any oil.
The management and staff of M & W Engine Services have always been very helpful and obliging.
It gives me much pleasure to provide this testimony to their very professional services.”

Bernard J O’Shannessy