• How much will it cost to recondition my engine?

    Most engines will need to be dismantled, hot tanked and inspected prior to the engine being estimated for cost. Being a custom engine re-conditioner we assess each job on its merits. We are able to give a firmer price on some of the more common engines.

  • What sort of time will it take?

    For a straight forward job we like to allow 7 to 10 working days to complete the project. It is however dependant on part availability and the complexity of the job.

  • What sort of warranty do you offer?

    We offer an 18month/30,000km warranty for gas engines, and a 24month/40,000 km for petrol engines. It is our company policy that for any warranty to be applicable, the vehicle must be inspected by one of our dyno tuning partners to make sure that all installation and accessory items have been examined and addressed.

  • How should I run in my new engine?

    Engines will vary in the amount of time needed to have completely run in. This period of time can depend on the type of rings being used and the specific use of the engine. Our engines must be run in using our Penrite running in oil which usually stays in the engine for the first 6-800 km’s. For more detailed information go to our technical tips section of this web site.

  • Do you install engines?

    We don’t have the facilities to work on or fit engines to vehicles. This can be co-ordinated by us with any one of our mechanical repair shop partners or the engine can be removed and replaced by you the customer. This part of the job is just as important as the engine rebuild itself and due diligence must be shown throughout this process to achieve a reliable result.

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