This big big 6cylinder piece of British motoring is Nigel’s current project for restoration. After dismantling the engine we discovered that it had been previously reconditioned more that once, and fortunately the bores had less than .0015″ wear. The crankshaft had to be ground to -.040″ big ends and -.030″ on the mains. Due to lack of available parts we had to machine down P6 Perkins big end bearings and modify Austin 4.0ltr truck main bearings. Given that Pistons were not readily available, and the old ones measured within .001″ of spec. we sent them off to be HPC blue coated which increased the skirt size by .0025″ allowing us to hone to size.

The cylinder head needed the exhaust camera 160inserts removing to allow for cracks to be ground out and Tig weld repaired along with corroded water ways. With modified guides to suit late model seals and custom water deflector’s made, the head was restored for re-use. The carburettors were fully rebuilt along with the distributor which was also converted to electronic ignition.