The 221 cubic inch straight six engine is probably not what most people choice to install in their XW resto, however due to Mick’s dream of a full concour’s project, this engine was the obvious choice. Mick had researched what engine improvements he was looking for and after a thorough consultation we were on the same page to achieve the desired end result. Using a nice set of ACL race 250 flat top pistons with light weight pins and moly rings, we zero decked the block and raised the compression to 10.0. We used ARP conrod bolts and balanced the bottom end and then set to increasing the flow of the old log style head. Some improvements to the oil galleries helped oil flow throughout. A small increase in valve size and careful cam grind selection topped off the improved package. The carburettor and distributor were fully rebuilt to suit the engine changes and we are looking forward to seeing how it all performs once he does the final paint up and installation.