This engine came to us in a condition far worse than hoped. Graham purchased a Late Model speedway sedan and upon its first test day had major engine problems. He bought the engine to us for inspection and we had to give him the bad news that the only real salvageable part was the motown block. Keen to rebuild a fairly serious engine Graham gave us the go-ahead to compile all the quality parts needed to make some strong reliable figures.

Using Callies crankshaft, Carrillo conrods, JE custom pistons, Brodix 15degree heads and the necessary hardware, we spent many hours machining, modifying, planning and assembling this engine ready for dyno tuning. With a new MSD ignition system and custom built American carburettor attached we had a trouble free day of dyno tuning at JSR’s dyno facility where the engine made 745 horsepower and 615 ftlbs of torque. The engine will now be fitted to a new chassis ready for the 2012/13 season.