As a testimony to our passion for taking on all sorts of restoration projects, this engine needed a large amount of thought, patience and planning. The engine/bus had been resting under a tree for the last 30 odd years without a spark plug in no.5 cylinder which made even the dismantling of the engine a major job. We eventually got the piston out of the cylinder along with a sleeve from a previous repair. Every component on and in the engine had to be shot blasted and rust removed. After scouring the world we came up with new under size bearings for the crank however the cam bearings we had to comprise from four different engines and then custom modify them to fit. After a lot of planning we opted to use standard size P40 Nissan pistons which gave us the opportunity to increase the compression from 6.0 to 1 to 7.3 to 1. We crack repaired the block and fitted six new liners to remove all the rust damage. We then fitted a full set of hardened valve seat insert to suit modern fuels and a full set of guides. Amazingly we were able to track down a full set of new old stock valves and springs as well as a brand new in the box fuel pump.

Don was keen for us to improve the performance of the engine if possible, so along with the compression increase, the cam grind was modified and we made some nice port work changes. The old solex carburettor was replaced by a fully rebuilt Stromberg and the ignition system upgraded to electronic. The final engine package will complement all the other hard work and restoration on this Ansett/ANA bus project.